About Our work

We design, manufacture, sales, and rental of the high-quality aluminum clear span tent structure system. We focuses on meeting all kinds of temporary space demand for large exhibitions, festivals, event activities, sports, and logistics warehousing by providing flexible outdoor marquee tents. As the pioneer of clear span tent manufacturer, with 20 years trials and hardships, our Tent has been awarded “High-tech Enterprise” in the tent industry. Our Tent locates in United Kingdom, USA, SAUDI ARABIA AND  China. Our Tent has reached total assets of 300 million USD, nearly 500 employees and 121,600 sqm factory building. In addition, there is the branch office in the USA, Africa, Southeast Asia, India, China Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha and Saudi Arabia. Our brand is famous all over the world. Our Tents passed the Germany TUV ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certification, OHSAS18001: 2009 Occupational Health And Safety Management System Certification, introduced 7S Production Management System in 2007, ERP System in 2008, Bar Code Management System in 2012, We realize reasonable and efficient allocation of enterprise resources with advanced software system. Our Tent is also the pioneer to process tent aluminum profile by CNC processing machines, CNC cutting machines and PVC fabric by CNC PVC cutting machines. It is the only company in China who imported Germany PVC fabric automatic washing machine, which all improved production efficiency. With the superior production techniques, professional engineering team and the core tent technologies, Our Tent obtained dozens of national invention patents. Our Tent has gradually self-developed geodesic dome tent series, frame tent series, polygon tent series, cube structure tent series, and two story tent series and other total 42 tent series 349 single products. Among them, Our Two Story Tent has been regarded as the “German Innovative Product”, 10 Sided Polygon Tent and Cube Structure Tent have received the Excellent Prize of “Beauty of Made Germany ”. In 20 years, with its high-quality and safe tent products, as well as efficient, flexible and diversified services, Our Tent had won great reputations from customers all over the world. Our Tent products have been exported to over 120 countries and regions and maintained the leading position in tent exporting for 18 consecutive years. Our Tent is the exclusive tent supplier or sponsors for numerous domestic and international events including: 2002-2017 Import and Export Fair 1996-2016  

2002-2017 Import and Export Fair

1996-2016 International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition

2010 Concert in Columbia

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

2010 Oman 40th Anniversary of National Day

2011 Le Mans Grand Prix

2011 Shenzhen Universiade Games

2012 South Africa ANC Party 100th Anniversary Celebration

2013-2014 China Grand Rally

2013-2017 Cup International Regatta

2013 Warehouse Tent for Abu Dhabi International Sea Port

2014-2017  Open Tennis Tournament

Our Offices
Mr. Shah
Mr. Shah

Regional Manager: Middle East Email: shah@europeantents.com

Alex Cody
Alex Cody

Regional Manager Guangzhou China Email: Alex@europeantents.com

Ben Whitemrash
Ben Whitemrash

Regional Manager United kingdom Email: Ben@europeantents.com

Ronald Lapka
Ronald Lapka

Regional Manager Germany Email: Ronald@europeantents.com