Dome Tents

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Dome Tents in Saudi Arabia KSA & UAE for sales and rent. We are Custom Geodesic Dome Tents manufactures and builds geodesic dome tents for outdoor exhibitions, promotions, events, weddings and parties. We also design custom geo dome construction for clients' special events.

Custom Geodesic Dome Tents  manufactures and builds geodesic dome tents for outdoor exhibitions, promotions, events, weddings and parties. We also design custom geo dome construction for clients' special events. Geodesic dome structures are the excellent option to all the typical event solutions such as clear span tents.

Its unique shape and the fascinating framework create an incredible sense of space.

Event dome tents are the most spacious, effective and lightest tents for event. European Tents, as an event dome tent manufacturer, can help you getting various events through including wedding parties, exhibitions, celebration, outdoor activities, and etc. Especially, planning product promotion in the event dome can create an vivid impression. We also design and manufacture custom festival dome tents to create the perfect solution to make your event special.

Geodesic dome structure can be used as a single unit or combined by a tube to make a larger space or a special structure style. Customized sizes(from 5m to 80m), colors, and shapes are available.


Easy Installation

European Tents provides a complete installation guide for you. We will send you the Install video and instructions, most of our customers can install by themselves.


Our event dome shelter is movable, very easy to transport. As we all know, geodesic dome is the lightest structure among the outdoor mobile structures.

Accelerating Production

Our qualified team can produce and deliver your ideal dome to fit the time of your project. Because we have in-house manufacturing, even with custom orders, we have 100% performance.

Clear Top Geodesic Dome Tents

Clear top geodesic dome tents from Jiejian require no poles, load baring walls, or columns inside, allowing for maximum usable area for events. Its steel structure makes it more sustainable to the weather factors and loads, and longer life time during multiple install and uninstall cycles.

With this Transparent geodesic dome tent, you can have a great time under the stars while being protected from the weather. Inviting your guests into these remarkable space domes will turn your event into a truly memorable experience for everyone.

White Geodesic Dome Tents

White geodesic dome tent is an effective marketing strategy for you and will ensure a outstanding site. Geodesic dome tents can support lighting and sound equipment to meet your special needs. Providing internal structural analysis, our architect and engineer can solve almost any of your requirements.

Clear geo dome tents can be specially designed inside and our 3D artists can figure out installation environment according to your visual graphics.

flame retardant snow resistant and wind resistant thermal comfort and UV resistant tear resistant special design and high end looking

Custom Geodesic Dome Tents

With Over 20 years experiences, our team can build kind of custom geodesic dome tents. European Event Domes provide customized digital printing, including both interior and exterior decoration. We can ensure your customized project getting detailed attention through, seeing your custom domes from concept to completion. Jiejian Exhibition will show you the most creative geodesic domes for events.

We also provide whole project solutions. Our construction team can customize dome to meet your specific requirements. Our experienced sales can deal with tent installation and disassembly, tent air conditioners and heaters, shipping and so on.