60m Geodesic Dome Tent for F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

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F1 Bahrain Grand Prix Event Tent

60m Geodesic Dome Tent in Saudi Arabia KSA & UAE for sales and rent.When you are organizing a conference or party, choosing to hire a Dome Tent  could be the decision No matter the occasion, you can't beat Dome Tent for great value, high quality Tents and accessories. Fast delivery!Recently, European Tent set up 60m diameter & 30m diameters of two geodesic dome tents for the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix. This is the first time that the 60m Geodesic dome tent has been used in a large event. Inside the 60m diameter geodesic dome tent, there are no central ports for support, the top height is 25m. The interior area is near 3,000 square meters. What does it feel like to see this tent? Big, it’s too big. This is the first reaction when everyone sees this tent, after all, people standing here seem so small. This 60m geodesic dome tent may be the largest geodesic dome tent in the world so far. It can hold 2,500 people at one time.

Considering a large number of people coming to the event, we took full advantage of the huge space advantage of Geodesic Dome Tent, separated it into different functional spaces, laid wooden floors, arranged tables and chairs, and decorated with linings and lights. In this way, a high-end outdoor event venue came out, and the feeling of a VIP box was designed through a simple partition. People can relax, dine, communicate, and participate in activities here.

This is the 999th racing of F1, besides the speeding cars, let’s see what else is eye-catching. The activities on the square are also full of the dazzling, Ferris wheel, carousel, special food, public open fun performances have added a lot to this event. The development of the  for mula 1 today is not only a competition of speed but also a competition of automotive technology. With the popularity and application of prefabricated structures, it gives the top events a better viewing.

Competitive Advantage:

· Custom design the tent according to the clients' requirements ,for example, higher height and more    solid structure .

· We will set up every tent when we finish the production ,Installation video or pictures can be taken      and must be sent to the client to check the quality and make payment of balance before delivery.

· Installation manual /drawings can be provided for free if required,

· Accessories can be provided at more favorable prices .

· Frame can be working well for 10-15 years while fabrics for 6-8 years