Out door exhibition Uniflex large tent system

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Out door exhibition Uniflex large tent system

TUniflex Large tent in Saudi Arabia KSA & UAE for sales and rent. When you are organizing a conference or Exhibition, choosing to hire a Uniflex Large tent could be the decision No matter the occasion, you can't beat Uniflex Large tent for great value, high quality Tents and accessories Fast deliveryhe European uniflex large tent system  has succeeded world-wide not only  because of its functional superiority and style: Its outstanding features  master  product versatility, safety and high durability. Thus it offers you highest creativity in space design combined with long-term profitability- a combination which generates fastest Return on Investment possible utilizing a clear span frame tent system. PAY-OFF!

The uniflex basic units with width clear spans from 10m to 60m offer the basis for entry into a large tent system that offers  an amazingly comprehensive selection of shapes and sizes.


The general modularity of uniflex, with just a few additional components, makes a great diversity of spans and design variants possible. Everything in the system is combinable and interchangeable with each other. Uniflex: a tent rental company’s most profitable rental asset.

Used Commercial Tents for Sale

When holding a one-time business event, we are always limited to the cost and the venue. For example, when to hold an outdoor promotion, party, and business event, we are annoyed with the venue and the cost. Under this case, to choose used commercial tents for sale can help the holder to solve the venue and also save costs.

Safe and Practical

When choosing the used commercial tents, most of the people will worry about the quality of the used tents. It is because that we don’t know the used tents well, in fact, the tent frame is made of the aluminum alloy, which is hard extruded and corrosion resistance, thus it can be used for 20 years, even for the outdoor long-term application. And for the used fabric, since we will clean the fabric at once when they are back to the fabric after the renal, to make sure the fabric are in good condition and are prepared for next application. So it doesn’t need to worry about the safety and practicability of the used commercial tents for sale.

Easy to Build and Flexible

The reason why the holder used our flower show tent is that it is easy to build and super flexible. It takes only one week from transportation to construction to build a safe and comfortable place. Moreover, the flower show tent can be built on almost all kinds of sites, such as concrete, beach, lawn, etc. The spacious interior of the tent allows designers to make full use of their imagination to make visual art feast.


Custom Trade Show Tents for Sale 

European Tent offers many custom trade show tent for lots of large-scale exhibitions every year in China. As a large tent manufacturer and tent supplier for the custom trade show tents business in China, Liri Tent has over 20 years’ experience in the tent design, production, installation. The advantages are we can finish the tent production and erect it on the ground on time. Meanwhile, various accessories are available, such as air conditioners, wooden cassette flooring, lighting system and so on.